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Joseph Alfaro, owner of Orgánicos, was also a graduate of the first year of the farmer trainee program with American Friends Service Committee Farm Incubation Program. He started farming on a small plot of land in the South Valley, and has since expanded to five lots. Many are in neighborhoods that are classified as food deserts, or regions where people have a hard time accessing healthy foods.

"There are a lot of elderly [people in the neighborhood]. We’re able to bring nutrition right to their front door,” said Joseph. "We're adding value to the community and to the lives of the people."

Orgánicos, a certified organic farm, also provides mentorship to Valle Encantado, a non-profit service learning organization that provides tools and knowledge for farming to local schools and Isleta and San Felipe reservations.

"We're changing lives one turnip at a time, and that’s the truth," Joseph said.

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