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Jedrek Lamb, Co-Director of Agri-Cultura Cooperative Network (ACN), was a second year trainee in the American Friends Service Committee Farm Incubation Program in 2008. Out of this program was borne the concepts for both Granja Para Mañana (GPM) farm and ACN.  Prior to forming GPM, Jedrek worked with La Plazita Institute on their agricultural operations on the Sanchez Open Space, and also as the coordinator of the Gutierrez-Hubbell House. He then began farming at Bosque Farms, continuing his family's agricultural traditions.

Joshua Shelburne manages agricultural operations at the South Valley Academy in conjunction with Dragon Farm. Together GPM and Dragon Farm provide education to middle schoolers and an agricultural space for the high school.

GPM also focuses on maintaining and developing agricultural operations at the Winrock Town Center, which includes over 600 fruit trees and 200 perennial herbs, along with annual vegetables. GPM is committed to providing good food for good people, promoting self-determination, and creating cognitive dissonance to improve the health of our communities and the resiliency of our species.    

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